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Growing from a small, local company, Eckhold Technologies knows that our difference comes from the expertise and commitment of our people.

Eckhold - Careers

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Growing from a small, local company, Eckhold Technologies knows that our difference comes from the expertise and commitment of our people.

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Working With Us

Eckhold Technologies promises the best outcomes for our clients – and that starts by doing what’s best for our own people first.

We prioritise creating a safe and secure workplace for our teams, always looking to improve our standards. We invest heavily in ongoing training, encouraging knowledge to be shared across all of our teams. We aim to allow everyone the opportunity to collaborate with industry experts, explore the latest technology, and work on challenging client projects.

We’re actively looking to recruit and develop young industry talent, so we encourage you to get in touch if you think Eckhold Technologies is the right fit for your future career. You can reach us at

Eckhold - LOGO
Eckhold - LOGO

Our Values

in every level

Eckhold Technologies stake our reputation on our service, promoting honesty and integrity in all that we do. At every opportunity, we seek strong, open communication with our clients and stakeholders. We strive to be active within the communities we work within to maintain a level of trust and accountability at all levels.

Safety in
every service

We don’t take chances with safety. Eckhold Technologies act consciously every day to keep our team, our customers, and all others involved safe from harm. Our clients trust us to create risk-free environments, and we take that responsibility very seriously. We aim to maintain a zero-incident workplace, understanding that eliminating hazards is vital within the industries that we service.

A culture of constant

At Eckhold Technologies, we believe that the development and training of our employees is what adds value to our service. We promote a positive culture of collaboration and continuous learning, always looking to improve and taking every opportunity to upskill within our tech space, sharing the insights our experts gain across the company - and with our clients.

with people

Eckhold Technologies was built from the support of local communities - and we will never forget that. Our management ethos is governed by a desire to give back to these communities wherever possible, forging strong, mutually respectful relationships with individuals and businesses alike. We are proud sponsors of many local initiatives and are always looking to extend our support further.

Focused on
the future

As a provider to Australia’s most important industries, Eckhold Technologies makes it our mission to keep up with the rapidly changing skill sets that are needed to be a socially responsible supplier. We invest in education and technology, looking for opportunities to increase efficiency and decrease environmental impact, protecting both our clients and the land we work upon.

Making the
complex simple

We aim to make complicated network solutions more accessible for our clients. We always consider the end-user, ensuring that whatever we deliver is streamlined for user-friendly operation. In a world full of complicated questions, Eckhold Technologies is reducing the complexity to find the simplest, most innovative answers.

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